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High Five Success Stories
High Five Success Stories
Episode #02: How to start a business as a mother of 3 children with Joanne (Jo) Cloak

Episode #2: How to start a business as a mother of 3 children with Joanne (Jo) Cloak

Joanne (Jo) Cloak is the founder of Jofit Apparel. They manufacture women’s golf, tennis and fitness clothing and accessories that look good and are comfortable to wear. They give you the confidence you need while enjoying an active lifestyle.

I personally use their products and love them!

Jo started this company at the age of 43, while being happily married with three children. Fast forward ten years, Jofit is available in 2500 retail stores, numerous country clubs, represents a number of golf teams, and recently opened in two flagship stores – one in California, and the other in Florida.

Jo is a true entrepreneur with a vibrant positive spirit that you’ll find infectious while listening to this podcast.

One of the most incredible things I learned while talking to Jo was how she got started. Despite the naysayers, she sneaked herself into an office, met a manager, got an introduction to a supplier in Hong Kong, flew herself there to find the right materials for her company, and when she finally found the right clothing material (that’s flexible enough for sports and that look good), she launched her company.

Listen to the episode below, and let me know in the comments what was the biggest takeaway for you.

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Show notes

  • 2:45 Correlation between golf and success
  • 3:09 How she came up with the idea
  • 4:45 Next steps to launch the business
  • 6:30 Incredible story of her hustle
  • 9:45 How to deal with Naysayers
  • 13:20 Being optimistic
  • 15:15 Optimism is contagious
  • 15:45 Was there an AHA moment?
  • 17:07 Having a good angel investor
  • 18:50 Advice for mothers looking to launch a business
  • 22:05 What qualities do you look for while hiring?
  • 24:15 How to get noticed in a big company?
  • 31:10 How they design clothes

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