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Episode #3: Finding your Passion with Liz Finegan McKee

Welcome to another episode of High Five Success Stories!

This week’s success story comes from my good childhood friend, Liz McKee. Three years out of college, she opened her very own Pilates studio, LSF Pilates, in 2013. Since then she has been running her business successfully. I’ve always heard rave reviews about her studio.

Liz and I go way back to when we were children growing up by the pool. I used to be very timid and shy, but Liz was kind enough to take me under her wing and introduce me to her pool friends.

For all my listeners in Philadelphia, check out LSF Pilates. Her equipment is out of this world! It offers a bunch of different classes including Pilates, Barre and Rebounder for all levels of fitness. The classes are small and provide hands-on, semi-private instruction to safely transform your body. It is located a block from the heart of Wayne, just minutes from major highways.

In this episode we go over her motivations for starting the business, challenges she had to overcome while running the business, people she looks up to, and how gratifying it is to see her clients achieve success.

The thing that resonated with me the most was how important it is to work on things that you love to do. Liz really enjoyed pilates from a young age, and pursued that with a singular focus even after graduating.

Another great thing I learned from Liz was about being the best. She always had that discipline and drive to succeed, which I really admired. Apart from that, she decided to create the best Pilates studio in the region. She used to get inspiration from different places like New York, and offered something better than the rest. In fact, her studio was one of the first in Philadelphia to introduce trampolines.

Lastly, I really liked the concept of executive processing skills. Liz believes that there are two kinds of people. One who know how to make decisions and give orders, and others who work better while following orders. It’s better to know yourself and work accordingly.

I had a great time recording this episode, and I hope you enjoy it too!

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Show notes:

  • 2:42 Just got married.
  • 3:31 How did she start?
  • 6:21 Did she ever think about getting a job?
  • 7:45 Did she ever doubt herself?
  • 9:01 Challenges she faced
  • 10:28 How did the business evolve?
  • 11:16 First one to have trampolines in Philly
  • 11:50 Advice for someone starting
  • 12:50 Any Aha moments in the business
  • 14:50 Skill needed for success
  • 16:18 Pivoting the business
  • 19:00 Pilates are different for every person
  • 21:34 How many times do you need to come in a week?
  • 23:25 Clients achieving success
  • 24:38 How to set yourself apart from the competition
  • 25:49 The future of LSF
  • 28:17 What other sports can we implement with pilates
  • 29:28 Who do you think of as successful?
  • 32:33 Making your bed everyday
  • 34:03 Who do you go to for advice?
  • 35:45 Advice for people

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