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Episode #4: Being Grateful for Success with Floss Barber

Floss Barber is the owner of Floss Barber Design, an interior design company she started in 1986. Her company creates high level interior design for hotels, casinos, restaurants, universities, and residential and office buildings. Some of her work includes projects at the University of Pennsylvania (President Amy Gutmann’s office, the Dean of Wharton’s office, and the Hill College House renovation) and I was lucky enough to see her finished work at one of our tenant’s offices in Conshohocken – Hirtle Callaghan.

We met at a golf networking event (both trying to perfect our golf swing!!) and we immediately hit if off.

In this podcast, we cover a number of things including how she got started in business, how she persevered during the ups and downs of the economy, and much more.

My biggest takeaway from this episode is how not to let your disappointments hold you back. Often, we keep deliberating on the things that we weren’t able to achieve instead of focusing on what we can do now to be great.

She shares an amazing story of wisdom her grandmother shared with her. She asked her what was the most important thing in life, and her grandmother said “to be grateful”. Even when she asked her a few more times, her answer was always the same. And I believe that it’s a hundred percent true. You need to be grateful for what you have to get more of it.

Listen to this episode and as always let me know in the comments what were the biggest lessons for you.

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  • 2:41 Background
  • 7:48 How to get through difficult times?
  • 9:58 How she got through the financial crisis?
  • 12:58 Having passion for what you do
  • 15:18 How to deal with naysayers?
  • 17:02 How hardships drive you
  • 17:58 Advice for working mothers
  • 22:37 What did you do at Houston hall?
  • 23:51 What does ‘grit’ mean to you?
  • 26:25 Disappointments don’t let you move on
  • 29:54 How golf is related to business
  • 32:44 Quality that helped her success
  • 35:23 How to set apart from the competition?
  • 36:55 Night time routine for success
  • 38:45 Importance of gratitude
  • 41:48 Who do you think of as successful?
  • 42:41 Project she’s proud of
  • 44:27 Books she recommends
  • 46:22 Advice for young women


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