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Episode #05: Overcoming Challenges with Dr. Catherine Foote

Episode #64: Johnno Wilson: Comedian/Actor/Impersonator

Welcome to another episode of High Five Success Stories!

This week I’m interviewing my friend Katie Foote (Dr. Catherine Foote), the owner of Foote Orthodontics. She has locations in Bryn Mawr, PA and Wayne, PA. Katie has built a strong clientele from all over the mainline and greater Philadelphia area. She has been recognized by her peers for her proficiency in orthodontics. She has been recognized in Philadelphia Magazine’s “Top Dentist” issue every year since 2010. She has also been voted Top Dentist by Main Line Today annually from 2010-2017!

Katie is 39 and married with three adorable children (she just had her 3rd baby this past June!). She is also the oldest of 7 children. What I absolutely love about Katie is that she’s full of positive energy and practices gratefulness every single day, even when times are tough! Listen closely and you’ll hear she uses “grateful” several times throughout the interview.

In this interview, she tells us about the challenges she faced after graduating from Penn, and how she eventually figured things out and opened her first location at the age of thirty. She also goes into the story of how she lost her father the year she opened her practice, and how she didn’t get married to her husband until the age of thirty-five. My biggest takeaway after talking to Katie is to always play the long game in life.  You have to muscle through the challenges in life before you see the rewards. And if you really want something, opportunities WILL appear. You just have to be open to them!

Show notes

  • 3:05 How was grad school for doctors?
  • 6:48 Wanted to open her own practice by 27
  • 12:17 When did you meet your husband?
  • 16:56 How she handled the business with a second child
  • 18:16 Worked half-days
  • 19:39 Nobody can do it alone
  • 21:04 What was the best advice she received?
  • 26:17 Never settle
  • 30:12 Everyone has their own path
  • 31:42 Being ok with failing
  • 32:57 How old were you when your father passed away?
  • 40:32 Applying grit to life
  • 41:13 Her favorite failure?
  • 47:42 Don’t compete with others
  • 48:06 Who do you think of when you think of success
  • 52:45 What advice would you give your 30 year old self?

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