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High Five Success Stories
High Five Success Stories
Episode #07: Taking a Leap of Faith with Janie Winchester Paradis

Episode #7: Taking a Leap of Faith with Janie Winchester Paradis

I am very excited to post my conversation with Jane Winchester Paradis!

I loved listening to Janie’s story – she is 44, married, living in Wayne, PA with her two children and three step children (all in their teens!).

Janie has a long history in the fashion industry.

She started in NYC after college and worked at Adrienne Vittadini, Calvin Klein and Barneys. In 1998, she started her own handbag line called Buzz by Jane Fox – it was a huge hit and was sold in lots of boutiques and major department stores, such as Neimans and Bergdorf Goodman.

Then in 2006, Lilly Pulitzer called and asked her to head up the accessories line so she moved to Philadelphia and had tons of success at Lilly for 11 years.

Just this past May, Janie decided to take a leap of faith and she left Lilly to start her own jewelry line called Jane Winchester – it launches next month!!

Take a look at her Instagram account to learn more (@jane_winchester_paradis).

So not only do we talk about Janie’s career journey from NYC to Philadelphia but we also cover a lot of topics including taking risks and seizing opportunities, climbing the corporate ladder, how to manage and deal with people in the workforce, finding a job you are passionate about, and so much more! I hope you guys enjoy!!


Show notes:

  • 0:35 Family Background
  • 10:50 9 years at Buzz with Jane Fox
  • 18:48 What drove her?
  • 22:18 How did she manage work with kids?
  • 27:27 Thoughts on managing people
  • 31:53 How she came up with the name
  • 35:29 Launching on Black Friday
  • 38:14 How to remain happy
  • 40:45 Being grateful and appreciative
  • 43:32 How to overcome failure
  • 46:37 Implementing “grit” in life
  • 50:39 Advice to your 30 year old self

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