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High Five Success Stories
High Five Success Stories
Episode #09: A Story About Following Your Passion with Lisi Lerch!

Episode #9: A Story About Following Your Passion with Lisi Lerch!

Hi Everybody! I’m very excited to share my interview with my friend Lisi Lerch. Lisi is in her mid-40s, married with three children and living in the Philadelphia suburbs.

Lisi tells us the story of how she started her very own successful jewelry company called Lisi Lerch back in 2001 at the age of 30. Throughout our conversation, we touch on many different topics, including some of the rejections Lisi experienced in the early years, how the business evolved from hats to jewelry, and how she waited to grow and take the company national until her youngest was in kindergarten. Lisi also shared some of the exciting and cool moments along the way, like when she is watching television and spots famous people from Good Morning America, The Today Show and other well-known television shows sporting the Lisi Lerch jewelry line.

We also talk about maintaining a positive mindset even when life throws you curveballs, as in when her oldest was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of two. Lisi and her family are super involved in the JDRF Diabetes Association, given that both her husband and daughter have Type 1 diabetes. Lisi is chairing the 2018 JDRF One Promise Gala honoring Bill McNabb (chairman and CEO of The Vanguard Group) which will be held on April 21, 2018 at The Loews Philadelphia Hotel. To learn more about how to donate to help find a cure for diabetes or on the event, please visit – help us turn Type 1 diabetes into Type None!

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