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High Five Success Stories
High Five Success Stories
Episode #50: NY Times Bestselling Author: Kelly Corrigan

Episode #50: NY Times Bestselling Author: Kelly Corrigan

My 50th episode is with NY Times Bestselling Author and Philadelphia native, Kelly Corrigan! You may have seen Kelly appear on the Today Show or have come across her pieces in the New York Times. If you haven’t read her books, definitely do so — they will make you hysterically laugh and cry!

Kelly talks growing up in Villanova with her parents and two brothers GT and Booker, who all attended Radnor High School. She takes us on her journey of how she got from point A to point B in becoming a NY Times Bestselling Author. She is a true testament that everyone’s journey in life is very different and so long as you aren’t afraid of failure, you can make things happen. Kelly always loved writing in her journal and sending long letters to her family from camp but it wasn’t until she was 36 and diagnosed with cancer at the same time as her father that she decided to write her first book, Middle Place, which is about her father’s battle with cancer and her triumph over the disease.

Here is the coolest part: the book was published in 2008 and Kelly and her dad did a book tour together!

Since then, she has written three more books LiftGlitter and Glue, and Tell Me More. Her most recent book, Tell Me More, is a book about essential phrases in life that will help you with all sorts of relationships! She talks about why saying “I was wrong” is so much more effective than “I’m sorry.”

Lastly, I absolutely love how Kelly writes about her loyalty and genuine love for her late father George (Greenie), her mother Mary, her brothers, her husband Edward, and her two girls Georgia and Claire. And a special thank you to a few people that helped me get this podcast over the line — Frannie and Martie Gillin, Peg Boova, Susie Valerio, and my sisters Patrice and Mandy!

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