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High Five Success Stories
High Five Success Stories
Episode #52: Erik Strid: CEO & Co-Founder of Concentus Wealth Advisors

Episode #52: Erik Strid: CEO & Co-Founder of Concentus Wealth Advisors

Hi everyone! Super excited to share my podcast conversation with my friend Erik Strid, co-founder and CEO of Concentus Wealth Advisors. This was my first financial advisor to come on the podcast so not only was it interesting to learn about Erik’s entrepreneurial story, but it also was a very informative podcast (especially in light of the Coronavirus and its effect on the market).

Quick background on Erik: he lives with his wife and three children right outside Philadelphia. He grew up Villanova alongside his four young siblings. He went to Rosemont School of the Holy Child for grade school (I also went there so I have to give a shout out to what an awesome grade school it is!), then continued onto Episcopal Academy for high school and then Amherst for college. When Erik graduated from Amherst, he worked in the financial industry for a couple of years before joining his dad in 1993 at Merrill Lynch where they formed GD Strid and Associates. Over the next 20 years, they worked hard on their vision while working for two different Wall Street brokerage firms.

In February 2014, Erik, his dad, and brother Paul took a leap of faith and decided to leave the big banks to start their own wealth management firm, Concentus Wealth Advisors. Over the past 6 years, Erik and his team have become proven experts in the financial industry. If you would like to learn more about the insight that Erik can provide, be sure to check out the three books he has written (info on the books are included in the show notes)!


  1. The Road Less Traveled by Scott Peck
  2. E Myth by Michael Gerber
  3. Erik Strid’s books:
    1. Exploring: replacing an outdated paradigm for the “retirement years,” and exploring a new phase of life
    2. Clarity: how pop culture is misleading you about successful wealth planning and what to do about it
    3. Empowered Values: planning your wealth around your family’s core values

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