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High Five Success Stories
High Five Success Stories
Episode #66: Dr. Caroline Fenkel: Co-Founder & Chief Clinical Officer of Charlie Health

Episode #66: Dr. Caroline Fenkel: Co-Founder & Chief Clinical Officer of Charlie Health

I am super excited to share my podcast with life-long friend Caroline Fenkel! Fun fact – Caroline was my 5th guest on the podcast over 5 years ago and it was one of the most downloaded episodes!

Caroline (34) became sober 15 years ago and since then has made a tremendous impact in the recovery industry. Simultaneously, she also earned her master’s degree from Bryn Mawr College and later earned her doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania.

Over the course of her career, Caroline has worked at several national credible companies, such as Newport Academy, where they offered l lifesaving treatment for adolescents. However there was one issue that slowly began to frustrate her: 93% of the adolescent population do not have access to high acuity care – it was impossible to reach everyone that needed help when running brick and mortar facilities.  There are major limitations such as insurance, transportation, limited beds, and financial barriers.

As a solution, Caroline co-founded Charlie Health with Carter Barnhart and Justin Weiss over two years ago. Today they are the largest provider of virtual IOP (intensive outpatient) programs for teens, young adults, and families navigating mental health challenges. They are immediately accessible to any adolescent in need of help, given that they are virtual and accept both commercial insurance and Medicaid so that finances aren’t a barrier. 

In addition, what separates Charlie Health from your traditional brick and mortar facilities is that rather than group patients together based on their physical location, Charlie Health customizes comprehensive treatment plans by carefully matching patients in groups of peers with similar backgrounds, preferences, and needs. It has been incredible to watch the company expand and disrupt the mental health industry.  

Link to Charlie Health website:

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